Routes for kayaking in Mallorca

Kayak Routes in Alcudia

With Alcudia Kayaks, you have the unique possibility to explore the area of La Victoria, a pristine part of the coast loved and treasured by locals. The mountains are a beautiful backdrop to the turquoise-blue water. Explore cliff and rock walls (which are great for snorkeling), hang out in tiny bays you'll have all to yourself, or paddle to the sandy beaches of La Victoria. Here are some possible routes you can take while kayaking in Mallorca north:

Spend some quality time
with yourself & nature.

After all, you’re on holidays to disconnect from the daily stress and
to relax. Try something different – rent a kayak in Alcudia and explore
the beauty of La Victoria. It’s the perfect adventure when you’re on
your own, with your couple or the whole family.