Kayak Route C: Caleta des Frares

Alcudia sea cave at the coast

A short and easy route for kayaking in Alcudia starts in La Victoria
campsite and leads to the west / south. You round the cape of L‘Estrella and paddle along the 3m high rock cliffs, passing several stunning rock bays with rock archways above and under water. The sea is incredibly clear thanks to the many seaweed meadows in the area, so don‘t hesitate if you feel like you need to go for a swim!

Continue with the kayak along the coast and marvel at the houses of the richer inhabitants of the island, that line the coast (if you can see them hidden behind pine trees!). Just before you reach the harbour wall, there are two small coves at Caleta des Frares, the perfect spot to park your kayak and now finally get a dip in the sea! Usually, the waters are quite calm in the area, making it a great zone to explore in the kayak with children. On the other site of the bay, you can see the peninsula of Formentor and the famous Playa Formentor.


Approx. 1,5 hours


Easy for beginners


Rock archway and sea cave


Approx. 1,8 km go & return

Rent a kayak on your own

Guided kayak tour

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