Kayak Route D: Playa de Sant Joan

Alcudia kayak tour

An easy but longer route for kayaking in Alcudia is the tour to
Playa de Sant Joan, a very popular beach among the locals. Start at the campsite of La Victoria, heading west and then south, passing by the cliffs and coves of route C. After Caleta des Frares, you‘ll round the harbor wall (be careful and watch out for boats!), continuing along the coast.

The ground is mostly sandy closer to the coast, which makes the water appear a very bright turquoise colour, but it‘s actually completely clear. After a cape with rock plates reaching into the water (a great place to snorkel!), you get to Platja de Sant Pere first. If you feel you‘re up to it, head one more beach to the west to Playa de Sant Joan, a round and sheltered beach with beautiful views of Cap Formentor on the other side of the bay. This is just the right place to take a break, hop into the water and enjoy the Mediterranean before heading back.


Approx. 3,5 hours


Medium for beginners


Sandy, turquoise beaches


Approx. 4 km go & return

Rent a kayak on your own

Guided kayak tour

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